All citizens of District 47A and the state of Maryland deserve a transparent, unbiased, and progressive government that works to enhance the quality of life by providing the necessary services within their communities. Government officials must be responsive to the community’s needs – for example, developing strategic plans that spur economic development within transit-oriented communities. Continuing to advocate equality for all Maryland residents is imperative. Moreover, we must continue to protect our most vulnerable citizens: Our seniors are preyed upon daily; therefore, we need to collaborate with local governments and law enforcement agencies to prevent their economic exploitation. In addition, our youth deserve the same protection: Enhancing educational and occupational services for our youth, so that they may become viable members within Maryland’s critical workforce. We must also uplift and protect those in the Armed Services who have put their lives on the line to protect our democracy. Caring for the environment and our health with ecological conservation programs and sustainable energy mandates designed to reduce our carbon footprint – especially, if we are to protect and preserve a quality way of life for our children. - Diana Fennell